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Our unique Scouting and Consulting Services helps you navigate the business by providing advice and assistance as you enter a competitive phase of your career. The way you present yourself can make a difference and what you don't know can hurt you.

We offer thse services and more.

Branding Advice - Singers, Dancers, Artist, Rappers, Models and Actors

Preparation and Development - Acting & Modeling

Runway and Print Prep Movement, Photo Sessions 

Acting Workshops, Headshots and Acting Demos

Workshops for Parent of Children in Fashion and Show Business.

Castings, Bookings and Submissions

Marketability Profile Questionnaire: This helps determine if you are likely to succeed and should Fast-Track for best options.

Get Specific Advice

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Wondering what's next?

You know what you want but getting what you want is another story!

Get started with a personal consultation. It's all about you so let's see what your potential is and where you fit in. We can make suggestions once the Marketability Profile is completed. This unique Consultation is all about you. There is $35.00 fee with a money back quarantee* Use the Contact Us page and let us know if you're interested in a session for yourself or your child.


Talent Challenges

Let's see what you're working with. Take the Challenge and Upload on Social Media! This is a fun way to get great exposure.

The Next Challenge will be posted soon.